Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clouche Hat and the Beginning of a Big Christmas Mess

The temperature dropped a bit yesterday. As my S got in the car from school she was chilly. She is my little chilly bug. She stays bundled up ALL THE TIME. Poor baby has been asking for a crochet hat for the longest time and I keep putting it off because I have other projects to get to. Well, Big Mama came through last night. I sat down and made a hat for her. Of course I didn't have the exact color she wanted but black will do for now :)

All in all it took me a little less than 2 hrs with some interruptions.  Here is the hat---Clouche--that I chose. She has been wanting a vintage-y hat for awhile now. SO glad that I was able to find a pattern. Very easy too.

Wish I had a picture of it on her. But I didn't get one taken....and I'm not so sure she would  have let me take one anyway. The little toot.

 She was a happy camper this morning. Especially since she got her hair trimmed yesterday...its quite short and her little ears get cold. I'm calling her little, and baby...she isn't little or a baby anymore. She is a beautiful 16 yr old. But she is my baby. My youngest. And to be fair she is a bit tiny. She is borderline petite. The cutest thing. With the most unique personality of my three girls. I love her to bits!

This is currently my living room. The beginning of the Big Christmas Mess as I like to call it. It will stay a Big Christmas Mess until I get off my fanny and start decorating. Oh, and this isn't even all the boxes. I have way more in the attic. This is just a few of the stuff I have. It's already been like this two days. Hey, I've been busy....I have had to do some Christmas shopping and my grocery shopping and...and...and... Maybe this evening :)(if you look real close you can see my clean laundry under the wreath in the back....see--a big mess.) Though you cant see her...my sweet cat Bella is behind the  Frosty box. She'll cuddle up anywhere.

This my my kitchen table. A Big Christmas Craft Mess. Ok so it isn't as big of a mess as it was. I've tidied a bit. Got to get those ornaments made for the family! Any day now. At least the girls will be helping me. I'm even going to get Big Bad Dad to help. Well, maybe. At least one. Fingers crossed.

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