Thursday, April 17, 2014


My daughter and I love tea. Hot or cold. Used to be sweet for me but now unsweet.  I'm on a tea discovery. I'm trying to try kinds that I have never had before. It can be daunting!! There are thousands of teas out there. Oolong, chai, black, green, red even, Earl Grey, Irish breakfast, English breakfast....I'm all in a tizzy.
Right now we are basically just sticking with whatever the local stores have--you know the common brands. But, BUT I am finding I like Twinnings. And the thing that REALLY gets me excited is the fact that in August my daughter and I are going to Disneyworld and we get to go to the Twinnings shop at Epcot..Yeah Me!!! Two great things at once. I can't contain myself.
I'll have to do another post on our Disney planning. We are "stoked" as they (used to) say :)