Sunday, December 7, 2014

Double Disappointment

There were two things that were going to get done yesterday and both of them ended up being canceled.
First we had planned on going to Varner-Hogg  Plantation's Candlelight Christmas but early on my oldest daughter needed a day to go wedding dress shopping. Needless to dress shopping trumps a Victorian Santa. So the day was all planned--appointment made at a David's Bridal, a bit of shoe shopping first--all ready to go. But alas, she had a mandatory work day. Disappointment #1.
Ah, ok, wedding dress canceled, that means Candlelight Christmas is a go. Wrong. It was not a go. H and I both had a bit of a stomach bug. Disappointment #2.
We just stayed home and did a lot of nothing. Unless you count laundry and crochet as nothing. That was my day. H slept most of the day and S was put to a bit of work helping with laundry and doing dishes and even wanting to help H feel better.
Today will probably be spent in much the same way. Laundry and crochet...maybe work on getting the Big Christmas Mess tidied up and bring down the Tree. Ahhh, the tree. This has been the longest it has waited to go up in quite a few years :)

My Advent Angel project coming along. I've been doing my grannies a bit different this time around. Normally I wait til it is finished before I weave in all my ends. This time, as soon as I'm finished with a round, I weave them end. It makes it so much tidier. Not sure about if it is quicker or not but right now I like doing it that way. I may or may not do it on my next project.

I am still just loving these colors. The yarn I chose is unfortunately not  all that wonderful though. I really didn't have time to run to Hobby Lobby for the really good stuff and Walmart has limited choices :( It is nice and thick but still a bit stiff. So I may give it a good washing before I pack it up so it will be soft and cuddly for the little boy. 

edit: I just wanted to acknowledge and pray for the souls of the victims of the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. It has been 73 years. I was lucky enough to meet a man who was there.  From what I remember ...and I'm sure I'm messing this up somehow....he said that when he knew what was going on he hopped on his motorcycle and headed towards the bombing and he pulled his pistol out from his pants leg and started shooting up at the planes. He said they were so low he could see some of their faces. I think he said he knew it was useless shooting at a plane with a pistol but he had to do all that he could do. He also told me that his daughter tried to get him to go see the movie Pearl Harbor but he couldn't do it. And that's about all he said on the matter.

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