Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a Bit of Christmas

 My new Disney a whole set at the World in August :)

 Every year I get my girls a new ornament. H's are usually reindeer. This one was from a few years ago. I love how it sparkles.
 S always gets redbirds. Don't know how it started but it fits. They were my Dad's favorite bird.

R took most of hers with her when she moved out. Her grandmother started her on Barbie then she went to Santas. But this....this is my favorite. What a wonderful time it was!
 I know you are scratching your head at this one. About 14-15 yrs ago we were celebrating with my sister when she said--in her most sweet voice ever--here I made something for you. And this was it. I absolutely have to put it on my tree every year!!! Usually in a place of prominence :) And yes, I made her one the next year. Have you seen the coke bottles that are round? I covered one in tinfoil.

 One of my favorite decorations. My sister again. She bought this off of Etsy for me last year. She can be a stinker one year and an dear another.

 My mantle. Not very festive...I'm working on it. I made the candle sticks this year. One of these days it will look fabulous.

And here we are at Edgar. How did a skeleton with a Santa hat make it to our decorations you ask? Well, as H and I were looking at Halloween decorations this year he was all by himself in the Christmas decorations. H said we couldn't leave him there. That we had to bring him home. Right then and there we both looked at each other and came up with a children's story. I found the little hats and stuck it on. H came up with the name Edgar. After Edgar Allen Poe. He will now come out every year from Halloween through New Years. I think he is quite happy in his new home :)

I can't have any Christmas fun without my cats. Bella has always loved to chew on fake trees. Luckily she only does it when I'm sitting with her. Wouldn't want her to bite into a light!!
And my BunnyFur has really learned to fit in. She has just come in and taken over. I am so happy that we decided to bring her home when my Mom moved!
And lastly my Nativity.My sweet, simple Nativity. You'll notice that baby Jesus isn't there. That is part of our Advent tradition. When I put the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, I'll move baby Jesus to the Manger. When the girls were younger they would love to come running out and see if He was there. Now they are starting to want to be the one to put baby Jesus out on Christmas morning.  Hmmm. I just remembered. My sister gave me this too. She really can be a sweetie sometimes.

This is about it. I really don't have a lot. I've been trying to switch from kiddy decorations to more grown up decorations over the last several years. It's a process. One day it will be as I like it. 

Merry Christmas.


  1. I have finally moved from the kiddy made decorations (though I still have them!) and my children have just turned 28 and 29 years old.

  2. And it doesn't make it any easier when the children don't want you to move on from the kiddy decorations :) H refuses to grow up :)