Monday, September 22, 2014

Free Time

Well, I don't exactly have free time just yet. But as I was saying yesterday I have basically quit my little job at my little school. But I am still substituting for P.E. this week. Man, its just for 3 classes but its Kinder, 1st and 2nd/3rd grades. And let me tell you, this bunch of kids....full of energy!! I taught a year of P.E. about 4 yrs. ago but I think I've aged a bit in these last 4 yrs. I am wore out. I do enjoy getting to see these little guys every day though.

So after this week I will have oodles of time. I bet you are wondering what I will be doing with my time. Like I said I will be taking time to go to the in-laws and visiting my Mom. I've only seen her once since she left in the spring. I can't lie..its been tough. I miss my Mommy :).

I also will be putttering around the house. I have lots of purging to do. A couple of summers ago my girls switched rooms when my oldest moved out. Well, they are all a-jumble with each others things in all the rooms. So I am going to start in the empty room and go to town. There are loads and loads of toys that need to go to better homes. Then hopefully by summer time we can all pick how we want to decorate and have a paint party!!!

There will also be lots of crocheting. I am really wanting to make some blankets to sell. We'll see if that ever really happens. But I really have had a fun time making my niece's Harry Potter blanket so I would like to do some more. I love trying to figure out how to make what is in my head. Though my next blanket will be for H. A Houston Texans blanket. She wants each block to look like their jerseys. When I get started I will do a whole post just on that.

Here is the finished product. The HP was a last minute addition. I had had some Hogwarts patches to add to it but they were just too small and weren't working. So I had to brain storm a little. It came out  better than I hoped. Maybe not as good as some of the others I have seen but I'm happy with it. I am hoping my niece and her future husband will be too. In case you were wondering....Griffendor is the upper left, Slytherin is upper right, Ravenclaw is lower left and Hufflepuff is lower right. The gray represents stone in the Hogwarts school. 

I have lots of yarn left...anyone need a house scarf?

Magic Kingdom

OK, Its been awhile. I've been very busy with school. But I have now cut way back on my work. I will now just be substituting and filling in whenever they need me. I would like to be able to help out with my In-laws and be able to go spend time with my own Mom as well.

Alrighty then....on to the Magic Kingdom. This was my H's favorite place so we decided to spend the whole day there. It was SO much fun.

The first picture is of Snow White's cottage. The new Mine Train ride is fabulous!!! Luckily we had a FastPass. The line was horrendous! The next picture was of the opening ceremony. My H cried. Yes, she is 19 and cried at Disney. She was so happy and overwhelmed. Then we have the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Again, fabulous!!! We really felt like we were in Beast's castle. Then we have Cinderella's castle all lit up for Celebrate the Magic. I have so many more pictures but I am still trying to get them all organized. And I'm sure you really don't want to see them all :)