Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rapunzel Ripple

 I have started on a Rapunzel ripple blanket for H's best friend. She will be graduating highschool this year and this is what H wants to do for her. Rapunzel is, of course, her favorite princess. 
As you can see, it started off pretty going pretty well. But let me preface this with the fact that I have never done a ripple before. I have never been able to do a ripple before. I don't know why, it just never worked out.

 See! It never works out for me. I messed up somewhere in the second row and had to pull the whole thing out. Eeerrggghhh. Ok. put it down and come back later!!! Yea, great advice!!

 Alrighty! I put that pattern and color down and picked up another of each. Hmmm, I like this a little better. The color is right and I seem to have a flow going with the ripple pattern. This just might work!

YES! Ha, ha!! I think I'm getting the hang of this! Whew.  I refuse to believe this will not work out! I will get this done. 

It will be mostly the lavender with a few golden stripes. I may applique a sun on it at some point.

H's other best friend is also graduating this coming year, so she wants me to do one for him as well. He is a Disney freak also, but his will be a bit different. The challenge will be to keep it manly while adding princess and cutesy characters. His will probably be done with different granny squares. Not sure yet. But I really need to get moving because I also need to do one for my niece getting married in a year. 

I just love having a full crochet plate :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Zoo

On Monday we went to the zoo. Oh, our zoo. It took us maybe 45 minutes to see everything. Probably more like 30 minutes. Yes, it's that small. They are working on expanding and building it up. But, of course, it is taking a while.
After the zoo, we took a quick drive to another part of the park for a picnic. What serendipity, my husband made burgers the night before. It was nice and hot!

 Unfortunately, I can't remember what kind of snake this guy was. As far as snakes go, he's pretty cute
 This is a red-tailed hawk.

 This little guy was in the same enclosure and the next "little" guy. 

 I just want to kiss his nose. I've got a thing for cats. Little, big, it doesn't matter :)

 Fan tailed doves. It was so loud they were cooing so much.

 A scarlet ibis and roseatte spoonbill. I get the privilege of seeing  spoonbills flying close to my house on a semi-regular basis. From what I understand they were declining in the late 1800's because women wanted their tail feathers in their hats. I can see why, they are beautiful.

 This guy wasn't too happy because he was close to a couple lioness' and they were, somewhat, stalking each other through the fence. Again...would love to kiss the nose.

 Cute little lemurs. They used to be my oldests favorite animal.

 One of about 5 peacocks walking around. NOISY thing it was!
They were all very passive and let you get somewhat close. Hmmm, could be because of the little feeding machines located next to their free space.

And....a parting shot. Or he was just telling me what he really thought of me taking his picture.

 This ugly thing. Emu?  We got to feed him. He was kind of sweet.

 The coyotes. Or kyloties as my girls used to call them. Quite prominent in our area. They were all yippy because some monkeys started howling. I guess they felt the need to join in.

 I thought this was quite comical. It looks like he is floating above the water. Nope, he was just standing. It was quite shallow.

 An ocelot. They are somewhat frequent in our area. They are endangered. I'm hoping they are making a comeback. My daughter and I have seen a couple of them, dead, on the side of the road. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Good because they are starting to populate our area again or bad because they were killed by cars? So cute!!

 Red fox I believe. Can't remember. This guy was cute because he shared his home with a "rescued" pet racoon. It said they were best friends and like to wrestle and snuggle.

Bobcat. Look at that face. I don't need to say it. His nose. Want to kiss it.

All in all it was a nice little trip to our zoo. We needed to get out and have a bit of family time. I did miss having my oldest there though. She always did love the zoo.

Speaking of my oldest, she turned 23 yesterday. My baby, not so much a baby anymore. Her boyfriend texted my husband on Monday and asked if we wanted to come up for the surprise bday party he was going to have for her. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it. We will get a chance next month to go up so I can take her shopping for her bday. Should be fun. She is only a couple of hours away but it feels like a world away. I miss her terribly! Glad she is out living her life though.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Late Fireworks

Every year my little town puts on a fireworks show with a few festivities for the 4th of July. This year they were postponed until last night. I have lived here 11years and have yet to go. I know, I should support my community. But until recently, I usually spent the day/weekend at my parents. And I can see the fireworks from my driveway. I always say "next year" but I never make it. 
My husband and H went to watch down my the boat launch while S went with a friend to watch this year. I wasn't feel very well so I decided to stay home and catch them from the driveway. It's always a good show

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kolache Time Again

Yep, it's H's birthday tomorrow. That means I have been making kolaches today. I really am not a bread maker. Yeast just gives me a hell of a time. I stress and never get it right. I did figure out why last year's batch didn't do right....the yeast didn't work. This year I though I did better. Nope. Dough didn't rise. So I googled how to fix it. Proofed another batch of yeast and added that to my dough. It's trying to rise right now. If it doesn't rise we'll just have yucky kolaches again :) 

We went with another shark theme again this year. Well, just the back drop. Her plates and napkins are Minnie Mouse/princess. I know. She is such an interesting dichotomy. 

Tomorrow we are driving about 3 hrs to go to a Disney Store. That's what she wanted for her birthday. That will be one of her gifts :) We are then going to go eat at Rainforest Cafe. That was a tradition back when she was younger. I figured since we were close I'd take her. 

She'll be 20. My little H is going to be 20. She's fighting it. When I turned 20 I was thrilled!! No more teenager. Not H. 

It's going to be a long day tomorrow. It's going to be a fun day tomorrow!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independance Day

Just dropping in to say Happy Independence Day to one and all.

My girls and I didn't have any plans for today except to go out to put some flowers and flags on my Dad's grave. Yesterday afternoon I received a surprise call from one of my Aunts to come out to her place for an little gathering. Mostly just the Aunts and a couple of us kids. I say kids like we are kids :) I'm the youngest at 49! I haven't seen my cousins in a couple of years so this should be fun!
It will be a bit hard too. This was the holiday my Dad would do up right! For about 20 years he would have a great bbq. And when I say great--it was GREAT. Not only the people gathered but the actual bbq. He was a genius at the pit! Best brisket EVER! Not to mention his bbq sauce--Poppy-Q sauce.

Hope ya'll have a  safe, fun filled weekend!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to the men and women you helped make this country the USA. Past, present and future!

God Bless America

Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Poor Baby

 Waiting patiently to see the Doc

My poor S. Sunday she began having an ear ache. By Monday morning she was crying with pain. I take her to the clinic, get the ear drops and all is taken care of. Or so I thought.
Her other ear starts hurting on Tuesday and the drops don't seem to be helping. She's not hungry and even a bit sick to her stomach. Last night she comes, again, crying to my room because of the pain. So, back to the Doc. we go. 
Three shots --and who knows how much money--later she is back in bed catching up on sleep. 
 She received an antibiotic shot, one for the inflammation and one for the pain. Plus, she will continue with the drops, with new drops that will help with the pain AND oral antibiotics. 
I will head back to Walmart in a bit to get the rest of her meds. I have been to that stupid store 4 times in the last 3 days.
I so hope this does the trick. I don't think she can take much more. She really wants to sleep :).

I sure hope your week is going better than S's. Have a great Thursday!