Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thank goodness...Thanksgiving is over :) We made it through another year. This year was very simple. We stayed home and though I just said it was very simple....I did all the cooking and baking. Yep. Everything...and a lot of everything, for only 4 people. Oddly enough I wasn't really stressed until just at the end when I was trying to make sure every thing was done at the same time. And even then it wasn't really bad at all. I really enjoyed it. I'm not really all that fond of cooking either.

This was my turkey this year. I read somewhere that if you put bacon over the breast it would help keep it moist. I didn't really notice a difference but it sure made the drippings taste better.

So while I was cooking the family was watching the parade. Well two of them were, the other was asleep. S stayed up way to late that night. I've been disappointed with the parade the last couple of years. All it seems to be is more and more broadway skits and some current singer lip syncing on a float. I want a parade to be a parade...floats and balloons....and yes, it can do without all the clowns :)

I spent most of the week crocheting and small crafting. 

These are my crochets. The second picture is the reverse of the two on top. With both sides of the family we will be doing an ornament/decoration swap instead of presents. I've been fiddling around and seeing what I can come up with. Enough to give away anyway. ( Shhh. Don't tell anyone but I messed up on the granny hotpad/tree thingy. I forgot the trunk part...may add it later...but shhh)

 Ive put together a make shift Advent Wreath. I may add some greenery to it when I pull down my Christmas stuff. I am kind of liking the simplicity of it.

 I spray painted these candlesticks I got at Goodwill for about $4. I think they were less than $2 apiece. Love, love, love the candy cane candles( say that 5 times fast) from Walmart. I have some little candy cane trees that I think I'll group with them on my piano. 

I'm finally getting a bit excited about decorating for Christmas. I mean, I have been digging in my heals ever since they started putting Christmas stuff out in October. I have flat refused to have anything to do with Christmas until Thanksgiving was over. I used to wait til at least Dec. to put things up. But I've had kids and they like the tradition of pulling the stuff out Thanksgiving weekend (though they are still waiting patiently...Mama hasn't got in the attic yet). 
I'm guessing I may get up in the attic in a little bit and at least pull out a few boxes. No tree yet. Maybe by Wednesday :)

So I hope you all had a very wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope time spent with family was time well spent. And here's to having a fantastic Advent and Christmas season.

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