Friday, December 5, 2014


I went to Adoration at church today. What a beautiful experience that is. To sit before our Lord and Savior--Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. It is truly a humbling experience. It was hard though. I have been working( trying to work) on being still during be quiet and still. To not let outside noise etc bother me. I fail miserable at it. I am a fidgity person. A few minutes into my 30 minutes my silly ole brain started to wander. I was constantly trying to get my brain back on track. I did take my Pieta Prayer Book and it did get me focused for about 15 minutes. I did my best to sit and listen....feel the the presence of our Lord. Next time I'm sure I will do better. Maybe I'll say a rosary.

On the way out of Mass this morning(before Adoration) I took one of the angels off of the angel tree. My angel is for a blanket for a 1 yr old boy. I love, love, love blankets. And I never get to buy little boy things. As I was heading into the store to look at them the--fidgity- brain said "crochet!!!!!". So I quickly got some yarn and started working on it. Ok, you are going to think I'm a bit goofy BUT...I had time between Mass and Adoration(that is when I went to the store) but not enough to go home. So I bought another--yes another crochet hook--- and drove down to the foggy bay and sat in my van and started my little boy's blanket. I felt kind of silly sitting there in the fog by the playground by the bay. But it killed the right amount of time before Adoration. I got a little hooky time in before sitting with Jesus. Not a bad start to the day.

I just love these colors!!

I'm going to be keeping it simple so I can finish it in time. I have to have it back by noon on the 18th. I should have it done in time. As my Mom would say "Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise " . ( I really should do  a whole post of things my Mom says. Ohhh, it would be a good one :) )

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