Friday, December 26, 2014

My Quiet Christmas

Yes, it was gloriously quiet. Just the four of us. My oldest didn't make it home. Christmas Eve we just piddled around made a few desserts and went to Mass. I love the transformation from the purple of Advent to the deep reds, greens and golds of Christmas. It was just beautiful.

Christmas morning and I was up before five am. Really? Five am? Yep. I just can't help it. I'm usually up somewhere between four and five every day. I take after my Dad that way. It was very nice sitting in front of the lit tree in a quiet house before everyone else was up. I had time to make sure Santa had delivered everything and that he had his milk and cookies.

The girls were up at six. But according to tradition they couldn't go into the living room until the coffee was made the the pigs n' blanket were in the oven. The wham, bam thank you mam it was over. Paper everywhere. Unfortunately I have been having trouble with my camera so I didn't get any good pictures. Just bunny in snuggled in my lap while the girls opened their presents.

Baby Jesus made it safely to the manger

We didn't do much for the rest of the day. The girls, being teens, wandered off to their rooms. I did some crocheting. 

For most of the day I was being constantly reminded of my paternal Grandmother. I don't know why. I just kept being reminded of past Christmas' at her home. It was almost like a nagging. It seemed like she was just trying to get my attention. Being the Catholic that I am I said multiple Hail Mary's for her while I was making the customary Crispix snowflakes. After thinking of her for most of the day I decided to go visit her and my Grandfather's and other family member's graves before moving on to see my Dad's. It brought back many memories. She lived across the street from the cemetery so we would always pick flowers for my Grandfather and the Great's when we were kids. The girls love family history and loved seeing all the old names and dates on the gravestones. There were some even written all in Czech.

I think this was some great uncle that came to visit one of my great grandfather and died while he was over here. I would need to ask my sister, she is the genealogist of the family.

Now we are all set to go spend time with the extended family. We'll be meeting up with my husbands family for a day in Galveston then heading out the next day to spend time with my family in Louisiana. I'm getting kind of excited for the road trip. I have my crochet all planned out for the long trip. Keeping my fingers crossed that my camera works well. I'm getting kind of tired using my phone all the time.

That pretty much ends my little narrative on my nice, quiet Christmas. A very uneventful Christmas. I think the most exciting thing that happened was getting to watch the Dr. Who Christmas special. It was ok. Loved Nick Frost as Santa. Still not a big fan of Clara though. I am liking Peter Capaldi's Dr.  BUT I am still loyal to 10. David Tennant will always be my favorite Dr.

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  1. I was up at 5am too! To start the turkey. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.