Saturday, November 15, 2014

This Week

This week....this week has been spent bundled up. Yikes, it's been cold for this Texas girl. It has been fun but I am a warm weather girl.

This week....not only me but my Bunny has been all snugglied up.

She's on an old,old blanket keeping her little nosy warm. The sweetest cat ever....ever!

This well as being bundled up I have been living on hot chocolate.

Yes, I know, I have traded my beloved tea for hot chocolate....oh the betrayal.

This week.....I have been spending gobs of time with yarn. Scrummy(cross between scrumptious and yummy) yarn. Ok, so maybe I need a better word?

Lots of ear warmers to pass out :)

Next week? More yarn, less hot chocolate, more snuggly cats, hopefully a little less time being bundled up. It should be a bit warmer. Fingers crossed.

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