Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Few of My Projects

Ok, so yesterday I said I would show some of the projects I have been working on. I think I will do it in list form. We'll see how that works.

1. H's Houston Texans ear warmer/head band. I started it last season...just finished it about two weeks ago. What took me so long was trying to find a big flower pattern that I liked. I just couldn't find one that I wanted to I just stopped working on it. Well, a light bulb moment hit when I realized H loves bows. So a bow it was. And it turned out great!! All I did was half double crochet around till it was the size I wanted. Same with the bow. I made a small flower and hot glued the Texans button(that I got of etsy) on. Simple.
Say hello to Bunny :)

2. My sister, brother-in-law, niece and Mom will be going to Disney next month....yes, I want to stow away and go with them. She wanted a Mickey Mouse scarf. Well, then my Mom said she wanted one too. And then my niece( the sister of the Harry Potter recipient ) had to have one too. I couldn't then leave my brother-in-law out so I made him one too. Not all  Mickeys. Mom got a Pooh, my niece got an Eeyore and my brother-in-law a Goofy. They aren't the best but they have them :)

Disclaimer...These are not my own patterns. Nor are they really the patterns others. I did look at some on Pinterest and just kind of followed them visually. So if any of these are your patterns. Thank You!

3.These are the head bands/ear warmers and slouchy hat for my friend. I really need to find a better yarn. I'll just keep plugging along until I find what I really like and works well. I need to hurry. I only have about a month left to get them done .
I do have specific patterns for these. And as I finish them I will try and find the original site I got them from. I just printed them off without really paying attention where they were from.

4. H's first block of her Texans blanket. Not sure if I really like how I did the numbers. I got the pattern from here. I'm just not very good at the numbers yet. Lots more practice I think. I still have to work on the letters for the names too. Do I crochet the letters or just embroider the letters on ? AARRGGHHh I dont know! Can you guess the Texans player from the number?

5. And finally this little blanket. It isn't for anybody. I sometimes just need a simple project that I don't have to think about. This will be a baby/doll blanket. I don't know if I want to make it Cinderella inspired or Frozen inspired. It was originally supposed to be Cinderella but with all the hoopla over Frozen, I now am not sure. What do you think? I'm thinking a coach for Cinderella(in one of the squares) or snowflakes for Frozen. We shall see.

Well that's it so far....well, honestly, I have a gazillion more little projects floating around but this would be a giant post if I uploaded all the pics of those :)

But now, now I have a new project that I need to start. Remember back when I did a blanket for my first niece to get married? Then I did the Harry Potter for my next niece to get marred? Well, I have a new wedding blanket to make. And this time it isn't for one of my nieces( only have one of those left :) ). This one if for my daughter. Yes, I'm happy to announce that my oldest, R, is getting married. We don't know when or where yet but with in the year. I am so happy for her. I just finished talking to her and her blanket theme will be Texas. Not to be confused with H's Texans blanket. This one will have the Texas flag in the center and other Texas symbols...and possibly other symbols from their lives... surrounding it. Once I mock up a drawing I'll post it. I just hope I'm up to the task. I'm SO excited.

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