Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Surprise

This little guy came in the mail yesterday. I wasn't expecting him. My sister and Mom had been to Hobby Lobby and saw him and thought I should have him. You see, he looks an awful lot like my Dad. The piercing blue eyes. The wrinkles. Even the nose shape. And, AND he has a cardinal. That was his favorite bird. And they say that if you see a cardinal its a loved one looking out for you. Also it was on Christmas when we found out his cancer had spread to his brain. So now we have a sweet reminder of my Dad  for Christmas. We call him Poppy Clause. Poppy is what all his granddaughters called him. I just love him...Dad and Poppy Clause :)

They also sent this little ornament. My sister said that it reminded them of all the family get togethers at the Cabin when I would come rolling in with lots of chips and dip. My favorite snack in the world. Ever!! Give me a good tortilla chip and salsa..or quacamole...or queso and I'm a happy camper!!!

So it was a lovely surprise yesterday to see this smiling Poppy Clause.

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