Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day and BRRRRRRR

First off I'd like to wish all the Veterans out there an extremely heartfelt THANK YOU!! And to the spouses and children too. They serve as well. It takes a strong person to hold down the fort when your spouse is gone for who knows how long! You make this country great!

Second...BRRRRRRRRRR. It's getting a bit chilly down here in South Texas. Ok, Ok, I know all you northerners are shaking your heads and tut tutting at me. I am a Southerner and I am conditioned for the warmer weather. You may keep your cold weather(except at Christmas...I like it at Christmas).

Since I don't like it cold I popped these babies out in about an hour. I got the pattern here. easy! Ok, so my pic isn't downloading. Just picture a pretty red/tweed( I Love This Yarn) pair on not so pretty hands :) Wow, I'm wearing these as I type and they puppies are warm. I think I'm going to like these. I think I'll make me some more :)

edit: Ha! the pic has finally downloaded so here it is

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