Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finishing Off the Old Year pt 2

The very last part of 2014 I got to spend with my Mom, Sister and her family in Louisiana. It was short trip but it was fun. It was so much fun that I only took one picture and that was of my Mom's new cat. We shared Christmas ornaments and my sister bought a few presents...she loves to shop. We had some good meals and did some outlet shopping. Puzzles were done and stupid quizzes off the internet taken. And some football was watched. Oh the football. My husband LOVES football. My sister LOVES college football. Especially Clemson football. Both her daughters went to Clemson in South Carolina. Me....not a big fan of football. While they were watching I was crocheting. I did a lot of crochet. Mostly in the car traveling. Quite a few grannies were made!

Little Girl. Sweet, fat, snuggly cat 

Working in the van...somewhere between Texas and Louisiana

What I have so far. This is cheap yarn bought when I didn't have a project to do. I needed something easy with not a lot of thinking going on. I rummaged this out of my stash. I'm not yet sure how I feel about the colors. They do look better in person. I'm beginning to think I need a new camera :)

And these are what I bought myself for a combination birthday, anniversary( yep, hit the big twenty-five mark), Christmas gift. The two cup teapot I bought at The English Tea Store. I absolutely LOVE it. The hook I bought on Etsy from buttonmeadow. The same place I bought my red polka dot hook. Again, LOVE them. And the case I bought on Etsy as well from PKStuff. I just need it to be able to hold my hooks and it would be perfect! Can you see a pattern? Yes, I love red :)

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  1. I like your granny squares and the colours you have used. I need a no-think project so I will probably start on some granny squares with whatever I can find in my stash. The problem will be trying to combine the colours.