Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book, Hook and Cup


Ghosts of Goliad and other stories of Presidio La Bahia.
Goliad isn't very far from us and La Bahia is one of my all time favorite places to go. You can learn about it here. It was written by a local journalist. So far it's pretty good.  Not a very big book at all. 


How do you like my bright colors? Not sure if I do. I kind of feel like a circus when I wear them :) I'm using my cheap yarn stash so they aren't all that soft. But I figure with several washings they should soften up a bit. I like these colors but I think I might go a bit softer in the shades next time. I would love a huge snuggly blanket in these colors. Maybe no white? or no yellow? I don't know. I just know that they didn't turn out quite like I wanted. Ah, well. It was fun making them.


My sister brought this tea back for me from her trip to Disneyworld. I'm really really enjoying it. Especially with it being so cold here lately. 

So what's your book, on your hook and in your cup?


  1. I have several things on my hook - or rather hooks - a cardigan and a couple of blankets. Just plain ordinary Earl Grey tea in my cup. Which reminds me - it's time for a cuppa now.

  2. I LOVE plain ordinary Earl Grey. I actually think it is my favorite :)