Saturday, March 1, 2014

  Spent the day with my middle daughter at the mall today. The thing that sticks out most about our adventures today is....Why do women/girls bring the men in their lives with them to Victoria Secrect ? My daughter and I (and she is 18) really feel uncomfortable when there are men or worse yet young, early teen boys lurking about the panties. Most of the men we saw there were really bored/uncomfortable themselves. The other ones were really just creepy. Buying intimates is a sacred, personal thing for some women. I know I don't want MY husband hanging around when I'm buying a bright chartreuse mega-push-up bra. And I certainly don't want him around looking at other women buying their skimpy thongs...really don't want his mind going where it shouldn't.
 I guess some people would tell me that if it bothers me that much then I shouldn't shop there. And they are right. I guess I'll just stick with the intimates section at your basic, run of the mill department store.

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