Sunday, March 9, 2014

So far the first week of Lent is going well. Already it has been quite an emotional week. I've been letting go and trying to really feel and become emotionally invested in this season. I've realized that in the past I have held myself back. Not wanting to fully "go there". This is a very emotional time of year and-shame on me-I guess I just wasn't willing to let myself truly experience it. Its been awhile since I have really immersed myself in the season. Alright, that said.....

I am coming along on my niece's blanket. Almost done. I know, I know. I have until Saturday to be completely finished. Almost there. I have one half to do and then the edging. In about an hour I'm going to put a movie in and hit it hard and heavy. Hopefully I will be finished-or nearly so-by the time I go to bed.


This is it so far

I've got quite a few ends to take care of too...that's the part I hate most! Those dreadful ends.

If you all are on spring break like we are here...I hope you have a fun(sun) filled week.( I'm really needing some sun!!!!)


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