Saturday, February 27, 2016


February has pretty much come and gone with nary a word from me :) It's been a busy month without it being busy? Confusing, I know! Meaning, I've had things to do but not so much that it was an overwhelming month. Yeppers, that about sums it up.

The weather has been phenomenal!! Perfect open widow weather. Perfect walking weather. Perfect be outside with a project weather. Perfect be outside and crochet weather!

Ash Wednesday was a great day. I let S come to Mass before school started so she could have her ashes without waiting all day. It's always wonderful to be able to start your day with a Mass. She misses it, I think. It really does set your soul and brain on the right track.

Valentine's Day. I bet you are thing lots of romancing went on. Nope. We really don't go in for all they hype. Plus,  this year we were able to go to the in-laws for my FIL's 90th birthday. They had a little birthday party for him. Even with his Alzheimers he was really excited about his party. Since it was on a Sunday, the girls and I got up early and went to Mass so that we would still have time to be able to go with the rest of the family to their Methodist church. THAT was a totally different experience. I have been a Catholic a long time. Coming up on 13 yrs. And before that I was Lutheran. Before that I was nothing. I have been to a Methodist service a couple of times and a few more ,other, churches over the years. So, I had kind of forgotten the "feel" of a protestant church. I was really off kilter for a bit without the structure of the liturgy. I am glad my girls had a chance to see what it was like. They don't really remember what it was like before we converted.
   This particular church was no longer part of the Methodist family. Apparently, it is so small that they weren't bringing in enough tithes. They were set loose. They kept most of the ideas and part of the name. VERY casual. I don't even think they have a permanent preacher. I think there were, maybe about 25-30 people total. And about 6 of those were all one family :).The man giving the sermon was a local high school science teacher. He did a pretty good job.
   Anyway ( I kind of went off on a squirrel chase there) we were at a party and on the road for all of Valentine's Day.

So, I have been refinishing an old phone box, restarting my Rapunzel blanket, walking, taking S to UIL One Act practices/ competitions, and purging this month. Lots of stuff to keep me happily busy....idle hands, you know!

Ya'll have a Blessed weekend! I'll be taking a nap today. I've been up since 3am. Couldn't sleep and I needed to be up before 5 am anyway. S has another UIL thingy going on. Today it's Prose and Poetry. Just a practice competition. She's got this!!!

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