Friday, July 8, 2016


 Well here I am after a long hiatus. Why was there a hiatus? Don't have a clue. I guess I just wasn't feeling it? I guess I was just living life? Whatever the reason, I'm back now.

So what have I been up to? Well, for awhile there I was real busy with the end of school. This year was a really busy end of year. I did a lot of subbing and helping out with festivities etc.

I have mainly been crocheting and, my new passionate hobby, painting peg people. I have finally finished up my daughter's friends blankets and have moved on to my niece's wedding blanket. Plus, I have started one for my sister to put in her camper. I am also working on one for each of my daughters. They have told me that it's their turn to have blankets :)

I was able to go visit my sister and mom last month. My oldest R was able to come with us. It was a nice little trip. We mainly went shopping at the gazillion Goodwill's in the area. R was able to get about 5 dresses, 2 jeans, a jacket and maybe 7 shirts all for under $50. She was in desperate need of some clothes. She doesn't get to go shopping much. I really didn't think she would want clothes from Goodwill. But she went to town. She had a very good eye and was able to get some high quality things, in great condition. I think H's favorite thing she got was a green alien( from Toy Story) onesie/pajama thingy. It's huge and fluffy and will be warm in the winter :). S was able to get a few Japanese pieces. A couple of Saki cups and some chests with the Asian look to them. She has really become interested in the Japanese culture.

We are in the middle of a hot summer. We aren't really doing much. Just watching some movies and staying out of the heat. I am trying desperately to save some money. I had half of S's graduation trip money saved up when we had to use it for income tax. AARRGGHH. I am hoping that I will be able to get enough saved back up by next June. If I'm good, I think I can do it.
S is volunteering at the local hospital one day a week. She is a lucky girl in the fact that she gets to spend the time with her Great Aunt. My Aunt is the head of the volunteers and was able to put her on her shift :)

So today I will leave you with the pictures of the two graduation blankets and a shot of my peg people.

Ya'll have a great Friday and weekend.

 Each square represents a different Disney character
I tried so hard to crochet a chameleon to go with Rapunzel's tower but I'm just not that talented :)

I really am addicted to painting these right now. This is only about half of what I have and I plan on ordering some more people today :) :)

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