Sunday, February 7, 2016


I have been enjoying the beautiful spring weather we are having. Seriously. It's been in the 70's. It even hit 80 in my backyard the other day. And because the weather is so gorgeous I have become somewhat of a dork. Yeah, a complete goober. You see, I walk laps in my backyard. It's not a big backyard but big enough to lap. It really is goofy. Sometimes I just don't want to waste the time driving to where I like to walk. And while I am doing a load of laundry or cooking, I can just head out and take a few laps...anything to get me up and moving :)  I can walk my neighborhood, and I do, but most times I like to stick to the yard and play with my dog and cats.
Yep. They get so excited when they see me head for the back door. My dog, Moxie, always looks at me expectantly. All I have to do is nod and say let's go. She runs outside and gets her ball and tears it to shreds...little bitty pieces!! Simba will run around the "track" ahead of me and flop right in my path. Then dart from one set of bushes to the banana trees. Bella will laze in a lawn chair and meow at me as I walk by. Today, I picked her up and carried her as I walked several laps. She loved it!!!

They sure do enjoy playing with each other.

With it being so nice out lately, I have found myself in the garden aisle of every store I go to. 

I just love this Alice. She is just so cute sitting there!

I dropped poor Mickey. I have since doctored him up and set him outside. He is quite happy sitting with my garlic.

 I did bring this home with me too. I just don't quite know what to put in it though. I really need to think on it awhile. I just love anything red with white polka dots. Added bonus if it's Minnie!!

Yesterday, I didn't get to spend the day outside much at all. I was asked  to chaperone S's One Act Play practice. Woo hoo, I got to ride the bus. It's been awhile since I've had that "privilege".
Riding the bus as an out of shape 50 yr old is NOT as much fun as riding the bus as a fit 15 yr old !!!

I sure am hoping that they will do well in the competition. They have a couple of months to go so they have plenty of time to work out the kinks. I am going to brag on S a bit though....she has a small part but she didn't have a critique at the end. As her teacher said " No critique is a good critique".  So a round of applause for S!!! Love that kid!!!

Alrighty, I am off. While C and H watch the Superbowl, I am going to get some crocheting done while I wait for Downton Abbey to come on!

Hope ya'll had a good weekend!!

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