Sunday, January 24, 2016

Last Weekend

Alrighty, I think I took enough time off. Time to get back in to things :)

Well, Christmas was good. Did everything a person is supposed to do over the holidays. Visited people who needed to be visited, went to all the required Masses, baked the right amount of goodies, etc. All things Christmasy were taken care of!

As January hit I was forced to look back at my resolutions. I pretty much stuck with most of them. Well, maybe, just a little bit. So this resolutions! I'm just going to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. We are just going to see what happens this year.
Not sure if I mentioned it earlier or not, but my husband was laid off from his job about two weeks before Christmas. Yeah, I know, tough break. He is still looking and it's been kind of hard on him. If ya'll wouldn't mind throwing a prayer or two up I would appreciate it. I'll do the same for ya'll!!

Last weekend my Mom and sister came for their yearly visit. It was supposed to be this weekend but my sister had to work. While they were here we had lunch with my Dad's sisters and went out to the old home place. Oh, how I have love that place. So many memories. My Aunt let us take home some, I mean a BUNCH, of grapefruit, lemons and oranges. After we left there were still gobs on the trees. We also went to the cemetery across the street. Just about any past relative I have is buried there. It was such a beautiful day.

 This is the front yard. It's not easy to see but the yard has little rolly hills. That's because they used to be farm land and the rows are still barely there. We played many softball and volleyball games in this yard. Not to mention all the other games us kids just made up.

 The grapefruit tree. I never ate these as a child. But now...all the time. I am going to try and save some seeds so I can start my own tree.

 Looking at the front of the house. It looks so small.

 Looking at the front again. It looks rather haunted doesn't it? It used to have the BEST front porch. It has all but disintegrated now. We had a blast on that front porch. We would always want to sleep out there but would always chicken out because the cemetery was across the street :)

These were taken out at the boat dock/pier. The pier wasn't there when we were kids. Nearly every weekend we would come down and set off fishing from here. I am so grateful to my parents for giving me those experiences in life!

I have a few more pictures that I'll probably post a bit later. Right now I'm off to get ready for Mass.

Hope you all are staying warm and have a Blessed Sunday.

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