Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Painting Boxes

I bought this when my sister was down. Pretty but kind of "fake" looking. It's a sturdy box though and for 2.99 I couldn't pass it up.

Here is where I am at with it right now. H is into pink so I decided she can have it. I have decoupaged some pink paper on the inside bottom and she wants the little blue bird painted on the sides. The bird and the paper don't really go together but it's what she wants. So, I guess, it's what she is going to get :)

After painting this sweet little thing I was in a major paint zone. I REALLY wanted to paint something else. I started digging around in my garage and came up with this....

Very much in need of a make over! I believe everyone in the neighborhood heard me give a WHOOP when I found it. It came to me by way of my Mom. She got it by way of a Jr. High wood shop. She used it to keep some of her own little tools in it. 
I knew immediately what color I wanted to paint it but after that I was a bit stumped.
 I decided I wanted to keep the decoupage thing going, so I went through some of my scrapbook paper. Nothing jumped out at me. I was starting to get frustrated!! Finally, FINALLY, I remembered that my Dad has saved a whole bunch of old maps. Genius! I found the right one....a map of my hometown. I pulled my scissors out and got to cutting and gluing.

I just used the map on the top and then used the adds on the back of the map to decoupage around the sides. I was so much fun reading the adds and remembering the places of business. I'm not sure how many of the places are still there. Hmmm, maybe not any of them. I'll have to check on that. The little brown spot on the handle is where my Dad carved his initials. Apparently, he had a  stint where he used his little wood burning tool on everything!! Fun fact: I lived in the upper left area of the map.
I decided to stick with the tool box idea and scrounged around for all my tools to fill it up!! I don't seem to have as many tools as I thought I did. I guess I need to do some more scrounging and/or shopping to fill it up!

It was another beautiful day here on the Gulf Coast. I spent most of the day piddling outside and crocheting some fingerless gloves for my Aunt. I hope all ya'll had a nice Monday too.

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