Monday, January 25, 2016

More of Last Weekend

Here are a few more pictures of last weekend.

 The donkeys live in the pasture surrounding the cemetery. Seriously, who can walk by donkeys and not give them some love? 

 This isn't one of my relatives but I just love how it is written all in Czech. There were several like that. I have always been fascinated with these.

This was the side porch where the bathroom was. There was NO heat or air in the bathroom. It was just kind of tacked on at one point. I really hated taking baths in the winter time. Especially since they only had well water and we could only put about 3 inches of water in the tub. As a kid, I really hated it...then as I got older I realized that my Grandmother had to live with that EVERY DAY. For the entire time she lived there she didn't have central air or heat. She had gas amazing that the house never caught fire. cousin did once...or rather her night gown. It could have been really bad. Thank goodness it wasn't.

The house was built sometime in the 1880's
I'm not sure when these pictures were taken and exactly who they were...I have it written down somewhere....I'll look for that a bit later. You can tell that this was before some of the other bits of the house were added on. The barn, in the background, is still standing as well.

It is just so fascinating to me that I've walked in that same house. I love history, especially when it pertains to me personally. I would love to have a blue print of the house but I really don't think they ever had one. I think they just built it then added on what they needed. 
At one point, they had 300 hundred acres. Cotton fields. Now, it is down to just 2 acres. When my Great-Grandmother died in 1982 there was 7 acres( I think, don't quote me or anything :) ) and that was divided between all her children. My Grandmother got the house and the 2 acres because she stayed there to help take care of her mother. Everyone sold theirs off right away. That house was all my Grandmother had.  When she passed away in 1992--about 5 days after my first daughter was born--she left the place to my Uncle. Of course some brothers and sisters weren't all that happy but he had been living with her and taking care of her his whole life. When he passed away a couple of years ago he left it to my cousin. He and my Aunt are keeping the place up as best as possible. I'm just happy I am able to still get there every once in awhile to re-live some good memories.

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