Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Been Awhile

Yep, its been awhile. You could say I was busy. I was, sort of. Ok, so there were some times that I was busy. Ok, so I wasn't very busy at all. I've just been lazy. I know, I know. Not a good thing.

So life here at Mudgie Pie has been clipping along just fine. Graduation wash smashing. My daughter was beautiful and graceful( she was worried she would be the one who tripped this year). Still getting used to my Mom being gone. It hasn't been easy. Especially on Sundays. That was the day we usually would go see her. After Mass we would head on over to her place so she could cook for us. Right...that sounds kind of selfish doesn't it? But, really, it's not. She loves too cook and since it was just her we gave her an excuse to break out the pots and pans. And I am never one to turn down my Mama's cooking :)

Did I mention the cat we brought home? I don't think I did. Let's go back a bit. We moved here with-in a couple of months of my parents. When they got here a stray wandered up and my Dad said that she was ours. My daughter was begging and begging for a pet( mostly a dog, sometimes a horse). So we said sure. But by the time we arrived Bunny was already making herself at home with Mom and Dad. So I told them to keep her and we'll find some others somewhere else.So fast forward to the move and Mom kept saying that I need to take Bunny. I really didn't want too. Two cats, a dog and a turtle was enough for me. Well, come the week of packing up I couldn't do it. I just had to bring her home. She is just too sweet of a cat.
I must say that she is fitting in quite well. There were some hisses from my other cat but things are just fine now. She is a good cat and likes to stay outside most of the time. Which is nice since I don't want white cat fur everywhere. This winter she will probably stay in more.

DISNEY, yep, DISNEY. We have 24 days til we leave. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. My days are filled with last minute, fine tuning of our itinerary, and figuring out what to pack. I'm having a ball. I could go on and on prattling about The D. But alas, I know some of you would walk away shaking your head at my silliness. I really am a goober when it comes to the happiest place on earth.

I coming along on my Harry Potter blanket. I will save that for my next post. I need to take some more pics.(And of course I'm sure I will mention Disney. Maybe just a little bit)

And I just noticed the date. It is the birthday of my best friend from when I was younger. She would have been 48 today. Yes, would have been. When we were twelve she was killed in a car accident. Not a pleasant memory....but thinking of her IS pleasant. It is amazing how you can still miss a person so much after so many years. I often wonder what she would be like now. And would we still be friends. I miss her.

Think Happy Thoughts....Yes, think of Disney.

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