Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Getting Ready

So what am I getting ready for? DisneyWorld. Yep. I get to go to Disney. My dd2 is graduating Highschool and that is our gift to her. A trip to Disney. It will be just she and I. Why just the 2 of us.  1) My dh really has NO desire to stand around in the heat ( he does have bad knees so I kind of see his point).
2) We were going to go during the school yr at first and I didnt want dd3 to miss too much of school.( we are now going just before school starts)
3)  I kind of like the idea of spending individual time with each of my girls.
4)  And the main reason :) I had just enough time to scrape together the money for 2 people.
 I decided that I will take each one for graduation. Ooops, missed the opportunity for dd1. She'll get to go posthumously.

Ok, I bet those of you who arent really into the Disney thing are wondering why I am getting ready this early. Oh, you have to prepare VERY early. Ive had dining reservations for 2 months already. And I didnt even get to pick the times I wanted. They really do book fast!!!
Half the fun of a Disney trip is the planning. Ahh, the planning. Getting a binder together, picking which parks to go to on which days ,where are we going to eat, which rides to ride, what to take, what to take into the parks, what to wear( gotta have the right outfit for each park), what fast passes to use, what color for each magic band, the list is endless. Of course, most of those plans will go out the window once we get there but I really am having a grand time of it.

But the main thing I have to prepare are my legs. Oh yes. We will be walking miles and miles. I need to start conditioning myself. Ive been walking at least 3 days a week, about a mile+ each time. My goal is to be able to walk 5 miles before we leave. I'm really not a goal oriented person so we'll see how well it goes.

So this is where I have been walking. At least its part of where I walk. The other part goes through a campground and by the highway. Despite the highway it is a peaceful place to walk. There really isnt another good place to walk close by. I live in a pretty rural area with virtually NO sidewalks. I also walk my neighborhood which also leads down by the water. Other than the water its not an overly pretty neighborhood to walk, but it is safe and quiet.


It wasnt a terribly pretty day I took these pictures but it captures a bit of the beauty.

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