Monday, July 11, 2016

Peg People

I am addicted to painting peg people. I don't remember where I first saw them. Probably Pinterest! But I ABSOLUTELY love making them.

I first made a set for my niece who is getting married. Then I had to make some for my sister and her husband. So then I had to make one for my mom and dad. And it just snowballed from there.

I just finished a batch for the upcoming church festival in Sept. I have SO many I want to make. My sister keeps telling me I should start hocking them on facebook. Yea, we'll see.

My niece and her fiance'

My other niece and her husband...yes, BIG Clemson Tiger fans

My sister and her husband....had to put the Mickey on the shirt!

My Mom and Dad. I made Mom's outfit just like one she wore to Disney and we kept calling her princess. My Dad is taken from a picture we have of when he was out fishing and he had his big pole while out on a little island getting bait.

I then moved on my the two Priests at our Parish. They turned out really cute. I gave them to their respective copies. I know for sure one of them thought they were really cute.

princess and knight

Next came a couple of different characters I wanted to do for the pre-k 4 classroom at school.

boy and girl pirate

kids in the school uniform

Next I did some for a friends little boys. These are from Paw Patrol. I don't know their names.

And, of course, The Hulk and Captain America

I love these Halloween ones. I just need to find something to do for hats!

I did this Checkov the day after Anton Yelchin passed away. He was a favorite young actor of mine for a long time. 

Each one of these represents my favorite attraction from  each  Disney World park. The Haunted Mansion from Magic Kingdom. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror from Hollywood Studios. The Expedition Everest from Animal Kingdom. And the Tea Caddy( a shop in the England part of the park) from Epcot.

These are just the beginnings :) I have way more to show later. AND I just ordered more peggies the other day. I can't wait to get at it again!!

Ya'll have a wonderful Monday. Me? I'm going to be cleaning. H's birthday is coming up on Wednesday and I have kolaches to get ready for :)

disclaimer : some of these I copied from Pinterest. I may have tweaked them a bit but I generally have to have something to look at before I can do anything!

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