Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Adventure

Yessiree~I had an adventure. I got to take a lovely trip to the ER. To make a long-ish story short...I was having a bit of trouble breathing. Just a bit of shortness of breath. It felt like I had a chest cold without any other symptoms of a chest cold. I piddled around and didn't do anything, then I went to a walk-in clinic--who just gave me some prednisone, then on Saturday I just wasn't feeling like I was catching my breath. By Saturday night I had decided that I really wasn't comfortable trying to sleep with troubled breathing. Especially since my husband was still 4 hrs away at work. The girls handled it very well. They came with me and stayed the whole night.
Boy, hospitals certainly take breathing issues seriously!! Wham, bam, thank you mam and I was up in ICU.
So lots of blood was drawn and lots of blood pressures were taken. Every hour that darn cuff went off. Just as I would be falling asleep--buzz, whir, constriction!

Do you see the two, yes two IV ports? Had to have the second one for the stuff they pumped into me for the cat scan. The other one was too small. They didn't want to blow my vein. My veins. My horrible, little veins. They never could find them. I don't know how many people it took to find them. They even brought out this funky, virtual reality looking visor to try to find them. Not a pleasant experience. I believe that I will loose weight just so my veins can be found next time :)

I was in the ICU from Saturday night until about 1:30 Monday afternoon. It wasn't a horrible experience but it wasn't pleasant either. The nurses were all great though. The food, not so great.
Turns out that it is basically bronchitis. Well, that's what I'm calling it because that's what they are treating me for. 

Now the thing that I was really worried about wasn't my heart or other health concerns, it was----would I be out of the hospital and better in time for me to leave for Disney next Sunday!!!!!!!!
Come hell or high water, I WILL be leaving for Disney! Not gonna stop me!

So I have lots to do these next few days before I head to my sisters. Lots of shopping and packing. My husband isn't too keen on me still going but the Friday after he got out of the hospital for clots in his lungs he went out of town for a football game. I think I got this :)


  1. That certainly was an adventure. If you're feeling alright and the doctor is happy with it then go ahead with your trip. I was about to be kept in hospital for an operation just before going on holiday. They let me go - a 3 week European camping trip - and I had the operation when I got back.

    1. Wow. Three weeks camping in Europe. How wonderful. It just all seemed to be bronchitis. Sure didn't feel like it :)