Friday, September 18, 2015

Heat and Feet 2015: My Disney Trip

My Disney trip has officially been dubbed Heat and Feet 2015. Pretty obvious why! The heat was rough. And the feet? Well, blisters abounded! Not to mention how they hurt due to all the walking.
Other than the heat and the feet, it was an ABSOLUTELY fantastic trip!
There were a few highlights to the trip. We met some incredible people. From young teens to newlyweds to well established couples. Not to mentions some great Cast Members. Shout out to Travis and Edwin and Jose!!
The best part of the trip was riding in the front row of Rock N Roller Coaster, discovering that the guns really make shooting noises at the fort on Tom Sawyer's Island, and being terrified, for some reason, on the Dinosaur ride.

Rock N Roller Coaster: I had read somewhere that you could ask to ride in the front row. We did. I had NO IDEA that there was a separate queue for that. The most awesome ride experience EVER! If you have never ridden in the front DO IT.

Tom Sawyer's Island: When my sister and I were younger we played cowboys A LOT. We always tried to build forts with my cousins. And  imagined our backyard/cul-de-sac as a fort. Well, Walt got it right on TSI. It was perfect. The rifles up in the little turrets/parapets really made the shooting sound. When we pulled the trigger we both gasped and danced around the little room. It was like we were transported back to being kids. It was amazing. There is even a mine shaft at one end of the island that we were able to walk through with no one else around. Again, transported back to being kids.

Dinosaur ride: There were maybe 5 of us total on the ride when, I think, it can seat about 16. My sister and I were in the very back row. Very exposed feeling. I'm guessing that is why we were terrified. We screamed and laughed and screamed some more. SO MUCH FUN!

My sister made some Mickey hands to wave during the parade. Being the people that we are, the wavers became props. Of course we had to have them in just about every picture we took. You know, pointing things out, on the hand rails etc. Again, SO MUCH FUN. I'm sure some people will be talking about those two dorky women with the Mickey hands for a long time!!!

So with out further ado I'll start with pictures of our hotel-Pop Century and our walk over to Art of Animation

Pop Century was a great hotel. Standard as far as hotels go. The Disney kitsch was great. I do prefer All Star Movies kitsch better though. Buzz and Woody are the best!
Next time I might try a stay at Art of Animation. 

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