Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kolache Time Again

Yep, it's H's birthday tomorrow. That means I have been making kolaches today. I really am not a bread maker. Yeast just gives me a hell of a time. I stress and never get it right. I did figure out why last year's batch didn't do right....the yeast didn't work. This year I though I did better. Nope. Dough didn't rise. So I googled how to fix it. Proofed another batch of yeast and added that to my dough. It's trying to rise right now. If it doesn't rise we'll just have yucky kolaches again :) 

We went with another shark theme again this year. Well, just the back drop. Her plates and napkins are Minnie Mouse/princess. I know. She is such an interesting dichotomy. 

Tomorrow we are driving about 3 hrs to go to a Disney Store. That's what she wanted for her birthday. That will be one of her gifts :) We are then going to go eat at Rainforest Cafe. That was a tradition back when she was younger. I figured since we were close I'd take her. 

She'll be 20. My little H is going to be 20. She's fighting it. When I turned 20 I was thrilled!! No more teenager. Not H. 

It's going to be a long day tomorrow. It's going to be a fun day tomorrow!!

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