Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independance Day

Just dropping in to say Happy Independence Day to one and all.

My girls and I didn't have any plans for today except to go out to put some flowers and flags on my Dad's grave. Yesterday afternoon I received a surprise call from one of my Aunts to come out to her place for an little gathering. Mostly just the Aunts and a couple of us kids. I say kids like we are kids :) I'm the youngest at 49! I haven't seen my cousins in a couple of years so this should be fun!
It will be a bit hard too. This was the holiday my Dad would do up right! For about 20 years he would have a great bbq. And when I say great--it was GREAT. Not only the people gathered but the actual bbq. He was a genius at the pit! Best brisket EVER! Not to mention his bbq sauce--Poppy-Q sauce.

Hope ya'll have a  safe, fun filled weekend!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to the men and women you helped make this country the USA. Past, present and future!

God Bless America

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