Sunday, May 11, 2014

Packing Up

It's been a tough month. My Mom has packed up her home and moved in with my sister. It was time. She lived on three acres. It was getting a bit much for her to take care of. My parents bought "The Cabin" in 1984. From that moment on The Cabin was their first and only child. They absolutely loved the place. They would drive three hours nearly every weekend just to spend time there. For twenty years they did that. Then ten years ago, they retired and moved down there permanently. They were so happy. Six years ago my Dad got cancer and fought it fabulously for about two years. But it was just too much for him. Mom hung in there taking care of the place for as long as she was able. Well, she hung in there as long as she still needed to be there. This past year she decided it was time to move on. And it really was time. I hate to see the place (and Mom )go but it is going to a great young family that can build their own precious memories. It's a wonderful place for a little boy to grow up.

Ok, so enough reason for this blog post is to talk about ALL THE STUFF THAT COME HOME WITH ME. Oh.My.Stars. I really shouldn't miss The Cabin because it feels like half of it come home with me. Kitchen rugs, vintage fruit boxes, my old toy box, an old chest, plastic chairs, little metal table, an old lamp, a cat, tons of tuperware(the old stuff :) ), insane amounts of knives, silverware, a piano, an inflatable pool,  and so much more. I will have plenty of projects to keep me busy all summer. I've already started with the plastic chairs.

Here is the before--and there is one other that I don't have a before pic of.

And here is the after. Not sure if I like the blue or not. I'm thinking I might change it to green.

This is just a few of the stuff that I will need to work on. As I start to work on these I will do better before and after pics.

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