Friday, December 11, 2015

Another Jaunt to Texana

H and I took another trip to Texana Park on Monday. We were going to go on Sunday but S didn't feel like going so we decided to wait til Monday morning. 
We arrived just before 9 am. The temperature was perfect, in the high 50's. Not too cold but just cool and crisp enough for a sweatshirt.
We walked about 3.3 miles in just under 2 hrs.
We only saw one deer at a distance. But we got to see a hawk at the end of our walk. We also saw several types of wild fungus that I had never seen before. For some reason I was really intrigued by them. They were just, plain ,foreign looking to me.

I wish I could name each of these and wow you all with my fungus knowledge but nope, I am completely fungus illiterate. 
I love the green ones. They really are quite beautiful.

 I found this tree fascinating because that one branch that is coming down at an angle to the right, isn't a branch. It was a completely different tree that grew into the other one.

I just love the hawk. He stayed there for quite a bit before he flew off.  

All in all we had ourselves a great walk. While the weather is nice, I really need to plan more trips out there. My goal is to eventually walk the entire trail system. At one time :)

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