Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Favorite Disney Souvenir

My last couple of post were about my trip to Disney and Halloween. What could be better than combining the two? Ok, so maybe Disney and Christmas? Hmmm, that post can wait for a later date.

So, my favorite Disney souvenir? Actually, everything I bought at Disney is my favorite :) I mean, come on? Anything bought at Disney has to be a favorite..right!?!

Disney World opened a new shop over by The Haunted Mansion called Momento Mori (as seen here) about a year ago. It sells all things Haunted Mansion. I wanted to buy up the whole store. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides. Which I find somewhat funny because I don't really like scary things and I can remember being terrified on it when I was a kid.

What did I buy? Plates, dish towels, something with the hitch hiking ghosts on it? 

Don't mind the glare from the flash. It was a rainy, dark day.

I LOVE this photo!! They sit you down and tell you to be still and they take the photo. All creepy like! You have to wait about 10 minutes( we did anyway) and then a bell rings and a creepy cast member comes over and opens a cabinet and hands you the photo. My sister and I couldn't resist!!! As long as they are offering this photo and as long as I go to Disney I will get this photo taken!!! Next time I'll try a creepier expression.

On a side  note---my grandmother or great-grandmother made the runner. My Mom wanted me to have it and try and fix it up. Yeah...I'm not that talented. H saw it and decided that it would make a great Halloween runner. And right she was! It works perfectly!

I hope ya'll have had a nice weekend. Mine was lazy and full of wind and rain. Thanks Patricia. With that being said I want to offer up prayers for all those in Mexico who got the worst of it and everyone else dealing with flooding!


  1. I'm not sure if anyone could fix that runner! But it's good for this time of year and with that amazing photo!

    1. The crochet part is still in excellent shape. I was just going to try and replace the muslin but said.NO. Not that talented :) I just love the changes as you move past it!