Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gearing Up for Halloween

Making some tombstones. Not quite finished. I need to come up with something to write on them.

I made some apothecary bottles. Most were made from old pill bottles and one was a hand soap bottle. Mine and H's favorite is the brown "ash of skulls". It's just so creepy!! I really had fun making these. Now, every time I see any kind of bottle, my brain goes into overdrive thinking about what I can do to it to creep it up!

I saw this on Pinterest and LOVED it. It worked out SO well. I thought for sure I'd have a "nailed it" with this. It really is extremely simple. Just spray paint a halloween bucket with some stone spray paint. Done!

 That's Big Al in the fireplace. H named him. The story is that we found Al's remains...he crossed the family and was stuffed in fireplace....said in my best mobster voice....which isn't good at all. Simba had a high ole' time exploring the fireplace!

 And last but not least is Lil' Al. All we found was the head. I made the toboggan to wear with my Mr. Smee costume I'll be wearing to a friends Disney Villains party. It just works for Lil' Al, doesn't it? 

We have never really done a lot of decorating for Halloween. No reason really, I just never bought the stuff. We are slowly adding onto what little we have. My goal is to give the place a bit of The Haunted Mansion from DisneyWorld. I'm failing miserable but it is fun trying!!

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