Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Rare Happening

Yes, indeedy. We have a rare occurrence happening at my house a this precise moment. Complete and total silence. Why? Why is there complete and total silence at my house at this precise moment? Because I am the only living human being here. Everyone is gone. I am completely and totally by myself. YES!! My husband is off at work and the girls are at their friends house.
Don't get me wrong. Love my family. But I am one of those who needs to be by themselves every once in a while. 
I wish I had something fantastic planned but I don't. I'll just do the same thing I would have done if they were home...except in silence!

This was Simba yesterday. He had to go back for his follow up shots. He did NOT like being out and about at the vet. He immediately headed straight back into the carrier. I have never had a cat that voluntarily did that. Now, if he would just voluntarily leave my other cat, Bella, alone! 


A a bit of an update on my Rapunzel blanket. All is going well and I seem to have gotten the hang of the ripple.

Hope ya'lls Saturday is going as nicely as mine is!

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