Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goodwill. Simba. And Disney.

Alrighty, I'm here. I'll start today with follow up on some of the stuff I bought at Goodwill with my sister.

This is my ceramic Christmas tree. It was pretty enough by itself. Unfortunately it really didn't fit my style. Soooo, I broke out the spray paint( goodness, I do love to spray paint) and my craft paint and got busy. I just dabbed paint on the little ornament spots and dry brushed where the snow is. I was trying to get the star to be solid but it turned out nice with the dry brush effect. I'm really happy with it. It really has a vintage feel. Exactly what I was going for!

Not exactly a before and after but it does show what I did. These were cheap dollar-ish Christmas houses from someplace like Walmart. They were only about 50 cents or less. I took the stone spray paint and got to it. These will be the start of my Halloween town. I love how the movie theater one turned out. It kind of gives the feel of Tower of Terror at Disney. Yea, I know. I'm probably reaching on that one :) H suggested that I turn the little wreaths on the one house into jack o lanterns. I might just give it a try.

I love this one! The reindeer was a metallicy gold color with sparkles. The base was a blackish-brownish color. Yep, spray paint to the rescue! I will probably put peppermints in it. I really love the red and white look for Christmas! 

I have more but I ended up putting them away before I took pictures. I think, though, that these were the only ones I made over. I really had a good time with these!!

Now. This little &*%#^.  Oh boy is he a stinker!!! So sweet but so naughty!! My oldest, R, found him back in November. Soaking wet, in the rain at the mall. A tiny little thing. Unfortunately, she is unable to keep him. She is moving into a new apartment with all new furniture etc. Since he is a hellion, her boyfriend decided he didn't want him anymore. It is for the best. They both work so he was left alone all day. He didn't like that at all :) So we stepped up and took him in. Yes, I have second guessed that right from the start. 
Do I really want another cat? Yes and no. He is only about 9 months old so he still has all his kittenish behavior. And not being fixed really has been bugging my sweet Bella. She does NOT like him at all. It has taken a couple of days but he and Moxie ( the dog) seem to be doing ok. 
Today I will be calling the vet to get his happy little self taken care of. Hopefully that will stop him bugging Bella and stop the marking around my house. Yep, he has hit a few spots in my house. Not a big fan of the cat pee smell!!!  I'm also hoping that after getting him fixed he can go outside so he can use up all his energy there! He is a smart little thing too. He just now came up to me and did his little purr/meow so I would get the laser pointer out and play with him. He is too damn cute! I have a love/hate relationship with him. 

This was done using this
Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but when I was at my sister's last month I casually mentioned that I wanted to be at Disneyworld at some point in my 50th year. I really wanted to celebrate this milestone at the happiest place on earth. She froze. Looked at me with a gleam in her eye and said "Wait a minute, we can do this". "Yea, right, I said". And lo and behold a trip was planned. I'm still in shock. Of course I had to run it by my husband first. He isn't a big fan of Disney and he really isn't a fan of me going off vacationing by myself. But he is such a good man that he lets me anyway. He has always been good about letting me go and blow on my own. Of course it was easier when he was in the Coast Guard. I could go while he was underway. It's a little harder for him now that he is home more.
Our original plan was to go in January. We were discussing the budget one day and she asked "why  wait?" We are now going in September. YEAH!!!! I am SO excited!!! I won't yet be 50 but I'm still gonna celebrate!!!!

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  1. Hope you enjoy your trip - I'm sure you will! A great way to celebrate your 50th birthday - even if it is a bit early.