Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's Been So Dreary.

Here we are again. Me taking my time and not being able to post for awhile. Well, it's more like not feeling like it vs. not being able. It's been SO dreary here plus I was sick for awhile. Stomach bug one week and the crud the next. Still not feel totally up to snuff. 
I also had a childhood friend's Dad pass away. I drove 3 hours to meet up with another one of our friends-one that I hadn't seen in about 20 yrs-to ride together to the visitation. She still lives in the house she grew up in. It was like going back in time walking in that house. All those childhood memories.  We had another 2 hrs. to catch up on the drive to the funeral home. What I found sad was the fact that our friend didn't really act like she cared that we were there. She didn't even recognize me. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that she had just lost her Dad. I know that, I've been through that. But her brother responded more warmly and he was probably 10 the last time I saw him. It was just a very awkward situation. I don't know, maybe I was/am being a bit selfish? I just know how appreciative I was when I saw people at my Dad's funeral who we hadn't seen in a very long while. I guess we all have our own way of dealing with things. I have been praying for her and her family. I know there are going to be some difficult years ahead for them.

And some more sad news...my sweet little Bunny Fur isn't feeling well either. On Friday we noticed her not eating and generally not feeling well. I wasn't able to get her to the vet until yesterday. The vet kept her to start an iv and was going to get some blood work done yesterday afternoon. He was supposed to call me but didn't. I suppose I'll call a little later to see what is going on. This is the part I dislike the most about having pets. Such sadness. H is the one most upset. She is dealing well though. S just takes it more as part of life. I envy that a bit. Sometimes H and I feel things a bit too much :)

Wow, after reading over this post it seems like I am living a sad, sad life at the moment. It's not all sad. I am quite proud of myself for going to Lowe's and buying a lawn mower all by myself the other day. Like I said earlier, the weather has been abysmal here. We had about 2 days of partial sunshine. On the first day I decided to get out and mow. But of course I couldn't get it started. And, of course, that was the first day of my husband's 2 week work schedule. I knew rain was coming so I made an executive decision and made a beeline to Lowe's. Woohoo for me. I put my big girl panties on and got things done :) It's so nice knowing that the yard is mowed when we have days of yucky weather ahead of us. I'm hoping in a few more days it will clear enough so I can get to the back yard :)

It's also spring break. I love spring break. I love not having a schedule to do anything. I was going to take the girls to an outlet mall to do some clothes shopping but, alas, with the purchase of the mower and the upcoming vet bill its a no-go. I'll figure something out for the girls to do. Clean the house? Bahahaha. They would hate me :) We'll probably hit the small, local zoo. Maybe have a picnic. Or maybe snuggle up in the rainy weather and read or watch movies all day? 
I really should get some crocheting done. Its' been weeks since I have done any. I'm missing it!And I'm missing sunshine!!! I really need me some sunshine :)

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  1. It's strange your friend wasn't more appreciateive of your visit. Well done on going to buy a lawnmower all by yourself!