Saturday, March 14, 2015


So we are adjusting to having only one cat again. Man we went through this a year ago December with our Winkey and now again with Bunny. Winkey was really hard because I bottled fed him as a baby. Not to mention that he was H's best friend growing up. She was a wreck. I wont say it's been overly hard dealing with Bunny because we only had her since May. But we have known her for about 11 yrs. She wandered up at my parents cabin in '04. My Dad thought H would want to have her but we decided that she had already bonded with Dad so we left her there. Bunny was probably the sweetest cat I have ever known. She was just dainty (but tough) and tiny and such a cuddler. 
So now we are back to just Bella. And let me tell you, she has been acting strange. She did the same thing when Winkey died. She is overly meow-y, overly affectionate, and overly annoying :) She is such a snotty little cat. I think she is telling us "look at me...I'm the only me" :)

Seriously though, how can you not love her?

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