Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and Yes, I became One of Those People This Morning

Whew! Long title. First off Happy Valentine's Day. Hate the day. Well, I hate that society forces us to declare our love for some one on a particular day. I can do that without heart shaped candy boxes :) Not to mention that fact that it has been hijacked from the original. Just google St. Valentine. So much more than "romance". Hmmm, can you tell that I'm not really an ooey-gooey type person? Don't get me wrong. I love a good love story or a romantic gesture from my husband like everybody else, I'm just a bit practical too. My favorite gift my husband gave me was a little tool kit just for me. WHAT? Tools for Valentine's? Yep. Why, oh, why is that my favorite? Because it proved that he was listening and he got me something that wasn't useless. Of course I have lost every single one of those tools was 20 yrs ago :) And on a sad note my husband left today for work. It's a good thing but a bit sad for a Valentine.

Now, what is this about becoming one of Those People? I confess. I was bored this morning and I looked at a boat load of goofy cat pictures. I know, I know. How could I let myself do that? I just couldn't help it. They are so DARN cute. Geeze louise if I had been drinking tea I would have sprayed some out of my nose on some of those pictures.

Ooops, gotta go. The girls are clamoring to go to the mall and we are getting a late start. I will leave you with some cute pictures of my own cats. I dare you to not think they are not absolutely precious ( I am not the least bit prejudice am I?)


Edit: Crazy, stupid idea to go to the mall today. Not only was it a Saturday but VALENTINE'S DAY. I guess people just think they need to be out on a "holiday". Wow, was it ever crowded!! Lesson learned :) P.S. I did get some really awesome Mickey Mouse leggings---and NO I do not wear leggings out in public. I couldn't do that to people!!

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  1. I'm not a Valentine's Day person either. Don't want anyone telling me when to say I Love You!