Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here We go

Okie, Dokie, this is it. My first blog.
Ive read alot about what the first post should contain. Some say it should list all what the blog is going to be about. Some say just a general introduction. I dont really know what the blog will be about...lots of things really....nothing in particular. Do you want to know? I can list them....Really? Ok. Here goes...let's see.....It'll will definitely contain crochet stuff...I love crochet stuff. It will definitely contain cat stuff...I love my cat. And definitely contain stuff about my faith....I love my faith. Those are the basics. Im sure there will be a bunch of other random stuff thrown in as well. Maybe I should have called it My Stuff :)
And fair warning....I am random. I tend to blurt things out. I am also SO not a writer. Im just going to write it as it comes. So stick around if you want or not.

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